Sonel CMM-40 Multimeter


Sonel CMM-40 Multimeter

Sonel CMM-40 Multimeter

With the difference of Perpaexpo, an IP67 certified digital multimeter with high sensitivity and accuracy, resistant to water, dust and external factors, originating in Poland

Sonel CMM-40 Multimeter is designed for AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency (electrical and electronic), duty cycle, temperature, diode and continuity measurements.

Features :

Automatic tuning / manual range selection.

"DATA HOLD" function to hold measured values.

The "REL" function allows you to measure against a stored reference value.

“MAX / MIN” function.

"PEAK HOLD" function.

Memory that can hold 2000 measurement results.

Continuity test with acoustic signaling (beeper).

"AUTO-OFF" function.

Double-deck, waterproof case

4¾ digits (4000 max) display.

Other Features:

Measurement category: CAT III 1000 V – EN 61010-1:2004

Protection class: IP67

Power consumption: 9 V battery type 6LR61

Continuity test: I<0.35mA, audio signal R<35Ω

Diode test: I=0.9mA, Uo=2.8V DC

Sampling: 2 times in one second

Input impedance: ca. 10MΩ (V DC), 9MΩ (V AC)

Display: LCD 4 3/4 digits

Automatic shutdown: 15 min.

Dimensions: 187x81x55mm

Weight: 342g

Compliant standards: RN 61010-1:2004; EN 61010-2-032

Operating temperature: 0…+40˚C

Storage temperature: -20…+60˚C

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