Product Return Policy

You can return the product you purchased to the address of "PERPA TİCARET MERKEZİ B Blok Kat: 13 No:2388 Şişli/İstanbul" on behalf of "PERPAEXPO/Kamuran Salik" within 14 days from the day you receive it from the cargo, under the following conditions. The promotional and campaign products given must be returned at the same time. When you want to make a return, please notify the "" e-mail address so that your transactions are not disrupted.

The conditions under the return are as follows;

- The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for products that cannot be returned due to their nature, goods whose prices are determined in the stock exchange or other organized markets, goods prepared in line with the wishes of the consumer or clearly his personal needs, periodicals, goods that are perishable or whose expiration date is likely to expire.

- The use of the right of withdrawal for packaged products is subject to the condition that the packaging of the product is unopened, intact and the product has not been used.

- It is not possible to return products that cannot be returned due to their nature, products that deteriorate quickly or that have the possibility of expiration.

The process after sending the returned product is as follows;

- After your product is received by, its packaging, accessories and invoice will be checked. If the invoice of the product you will return is corporate, you must send it together with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning it. The return invoice should be issued without including the cargo share (in the form of product unit price + VAT).

- If the return process is approved, the "product price" will be refunded to you within 3 working days in line with your preference in the return application.

- If your return does not comply with the return conditions, the relevant product will be sent to your address by courier paid by the buyer. The status of your product will be informed by e-mail or on your mobile phone.

The process for the refund of the approved product is as follows;

- If the product/products you send are approved by, the "product price" will be refunded to you within 3 working days.

- When the Product Price Refund process is completed, an information message is sent to your registered e-mail and mobile phone.

- If the payment method is “Credit Card” and your preference is “Refund”; Your payment will be made online immediately to your credit card.

- The reflection of your payment to your account may differ according to the processing times of the banks.

- If your payment method is “Remittance/EFT”, “Money Refund”; Your money will be refunded to the IBAN account you have notified.

- Your refund is automatically made to the credit card or bank account you used for your shopping, as soon as your refund is approved.

Warranty conditions
All products are under the warranty of the manufacturers unless otherwise stated. In order for the warranty conditions to be valid, you should definitely check the product during the cargo delivery. When you see a damage, keep a record and do not get the product. Changes made on the product, deformation of the product or deterioration of the original design of the product are not covered by the warranty.

The products you buy online through are under the guarantee of the manufacturer or importer. The invoice that we will send together with the product you purchased replaces the warranty certificate for these products. For this reason, please carefully keep the invoices that will be sent to you by us. Before using our products, carefully read the user manual and instructions for use.