Perpaexpo, with its 24 years of commercial history, is a company operating in the automation sector, one of the leading sectors in Turkey. Inspired by the changing shopping preferences in recent years, it has carried its e-commerce experience that it has gained for many years to international e-commerce, and also in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Eastern and Central Europe, and Belarus. started selling. In order to become a leader in the surrounding countries with the motto of Quality, Capacity, Service as well as being the leader in Turkey with the sales experience we have developed, it provides wholesale and retail services to factories and end users, as well as to defense industry and R&D laboratories, including High Technology Products. . It offers quality and technological products to all its customers at competitive prices in market conditions. Perpa expo offers fast and high-quality solutions to its wholesale customers through one-to-one dialog with its competent staff who are competent in their fields and who are fluent in the languages ​​of the country, as well as retail sales via In our vision for the near future, we will implement our service speed and customer-oriented solutions through liaison offices and warehouses in these countries... Many product types such as signal generators, oscilloscopes, torque meters, thermal heat silicon, especially measuring instruments and soldering iron materials, and jbc, weller, We distribute world brands such as sonel, fluk, flir, kyoritsu, owon, geratec to the world.