Jbc TT-A Tip Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

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Jbc TT-A Tip Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

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JBC TT-A  Tip Cleaner
Chemical system that simultaneously cleans and protects the tip
TT-A is a fast and effective product for cleaning and renewing soldering iron tips.
JBC soldering iron tip regenerator Features and benefits

Quickly reworks badly oxidized soldering irons.
Activators thermally decompose.
Minimal leftovers.
It applies to both lead-free and Sn-Pb processes.
Alloy meets international purity standards
Product features
Type TT-A is a blend of tinner/cleaner, electronic grade solder powder and a unique flow system.
Flux shows very high activity for cleaning heavily oxidized metal surfaces such as copper and iron-plated soldering iron tips.
It is formulated to decompose completely into inert components upon brief exposure to brazing temperatures.

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