JBC CD-2SE Stationary Soldering Iron

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JBC CD-2SE Stationary Soldering Iron

JBC CD-2SE Stationary Soldering Iron

CD-S is a soldering station for precision electronics applications.
CLICK for tip types Tips starting with the code C210 are compatible.
It works with JBC special heating system and smart sleep and hibernation features.
You can customize more than 20 parameters to manage the soldering process using the menu.
It has a USB connector for updating software, creating graphics and managing parameters from a computer.

The JBC CD-2SE Soldering Iron STATION works with the lightest and most ergonomic T210 Hand Tool and C210 cartridges.

With over 80 years of experience, JBC has come to the fore in the electronics industry. As a world company with its Distributor network covering 5 continents, JBC's solid commercial organization guarantees fast and secure service.

It is the Excellence Series stationary soldering iron produced by Jbc company. This soldering iron and handle are used during precision soldering operations.

JBC CD-2SE Soldering Station Features:
Sleep Mode Feature
Easy Tip Change (No need to turn off the device)
Hibernation Mode
No Calibration Required
Rises to 350°C in 3 seconds
ESD Body
The maximum output power is 40W.
Weight is 2,671 Kg.
Ability to Operate in the Temperature Range of 90 - 450°C
The terminal ground resistance is less than 2 Ω
The terminal ground voltage is less than 2mV
USB connection section
Product Dimensions: 150 x 175 x 145mm
Operating Voltage: 230V AC

Package Included;
1 Piece JBC CD Control Unit
1 Piece JBC T210-A Soldering Hand Grip
1 Piece JBC C210 series soldering iron tip

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