Jbc CD-2SE Digital Soldering Station (No Tip)

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Jbc CD-2SE Digital Soldering Station (No Tip)

Jbc CD-2SE Digital Soldering Station (No Tip)

JBC works with a special heating system and intelligent sleep and hibernation features.

The JBC CD-2SE is a soldering iron designed for sensitive electronic applications.

You can customize more than 20 parameters to control the soldering process using the menu.

There is a USB connector to update the program, create graphics and manage settings from the computer.

The Jbc Cd-2se digital soldering station is 40 watts. Suitable for applications that require precise soldering thanks to its slim C210 tips and small T210 handle.

The soldering point can be adjusted between 90 and 450 ° C with the help of the screen, and thanks to the high power it takes only 2 seconds to reach the desired temperature.

Thanks to the built-in menu, you can customize 20 parameters.

It is also possible to draw graphs, set parameters and update the program with a USB connector and PC program.

This makes it easier to personalize 2SQE.

Internal queuing and standby functions ensure long solder life.

It heats up very quickly when you buy a soldering iron. For this reason, the tip of the jbc solder is 5 times longer than other brands.

The soldering iron is equipped with an ergonomic manual suitable for soldering both SMD components and high power applications.

Soldering iron C210 series works with solder tips. The station is delivered without solder tips.

You can get soldering tips for this station by clicking on the link.

JBC soldering stations differ from other stations in the use of active ends.

It results in a much faster heating time and a milder stability during soldering.

Since both the heating element and the heat sensor are completely at the tip, the temperature can be better controlled and the temperature difference between the tip and the rest is very small.

It is also possible to change the tips without the need to cool down first, as the station provides tip-changing assistance.

The T210 soldering iron has a soft foam grip and is very light, making it easy to use.

Jbc Soldering and Soldering Station Specifications:

The maximum output power is 40 watts.

Sleep mode feature

Easy Tip Change (No need to turn off the device)

Wintering mode

Calibration is not required

Rises to 350 ° C in 2 seconds

ESD Body

Weight 2,668 Kg.

Ability to work in the temperature zone of 90 - 450 ° C.

Terminal ground resistance is less than 2

Terminal ground voltage is less than 2mV

USB connection section

Product Dimensions: 150 x 175 x 145mm

Operating voltage: 230V AC

The package includes;

1 Piece CD Management Unit

1 Piece T210 Soldering Handle





2.671 kg (5.88 lbs)


150 x 175 x 145 mm

Input Fuse


Output Peak Power

40W / 23.5V

Temperature selection

90-450 ºC (190-840 ºF)

Ambient operating temp.

10 - 40 ºC (50 - 104 ºF)

Tip to ground resistance

<2 ohms

Tip to ground voltage

<2 mV RMS

ESD Safe

PC connection


Package weight

3.095 kg (6.82 lbs)

Package dimensions

234 x 234 x 258 mm



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